The future starts at the school

With the campaign ”The future starts at the school”, the DLF focuses on the importance of the school for the individual student and the surrounding society.

The teachers do much more than teaching our children to read and write. They promote the students’ development as human beings and citizens, and give them a solid foundation for their way through life.

An essential part of the teachers’ task to prepare the students for the future in the best possible way is to establish cooperation with the surrounding society. This is why the campaign sets focus on the instruction taking place outside the classroom.

The cooperation with local enterprises and organizations can contribute to lifting the school day to a new level, when the teachers take the instruction out of the classroom and make the students use their knowledge in new situations.

At the same time the cooperation strengthens the students’ interest and insight in the training and qualifications they need to get the jobs of their dreams. This is why the DLF considers cooperation with the surrounding society an essential element of the public basic school.

In the school we ensure the foundation for a future society characterized by solidarity, creativity and insight. Therefore the students have to be challenged and taught by competent teachers every day. This implies that we see our public schools as an important investment. The future starts at the school.

Subtopics of the campaign