Policy papers

Some of DLF's policy papers of international interest have been translated

DLF Constitution


Together we make a good school better

The teachers' contribution to a constructive debate about the reform of the public school (2013)

Make a good school better

This report follow up on some of the problem fields indicated by international surveys and comparisons. The report's recommendations involve all responsible parties in the Danish Folkeskole: the local authorities, school leaders, students, parents and the teachers (2004)

Professional ideal

With the professional ideal, the teachers have a common language for describing the teaching job. work. The professional ideal creates a better basis for going into a dialogue (2002)

The school of the community

With this policy paper, the DLF wanted to put focus on the role of the Folkeskole in society (2000)

Recruiting and retaining teachers in the folkeskole

To meet the demands for qualified teachers in the Folkeskole, the DLF has several suggestions regarding working environment, arrangements for new teachers and senior teachers, teachers' status etc. (2001)