Organisation of the DLF

The DLF is organised in 75 local branches. The DLF members at the 1,400 public schools elect a school representative, who represents the DLF at school level. The 299 congress delegates meet at least once a year to lay down the framework policy.

School representatives

At all public schools the Danish Union of Teachers is represented by a school representative, elected by the teaching staff at each school. He or she is the spokesperson vis-à-vis the school management. The school representatives are trained to advise their colleagues, and to inform them of the rules that govern the teaching profession. The school representative is the link to the local branch of the DLF. The school representative is entitled to leave with full compensation when participating in courses relevant to the job as a school representative.

Local Branches

The DLF has 75 local branches. These branches are the link between the members and the secretariat of the DLF. The local branches are responsible for negotiating and entering into agreements with local authorities, and it is their responsibility to safeguard the day-to-day interests of the members at local level.


The congress, the supreme authority of the DLF, meets once a year. The congress lays down the general political framework for the union's activities.

The congress has 299 delegates elected at district as well as nation-wide elections. The branches elect 240 delegates, 30 are elected among pre-school teachers, student teachers and retired teachers, 4 represent the school leaders and 2 delegates are from the Greenland teacher union IMAK. The remaining 23 delegates of the congress are the members of DLF's National Executive Committee.

National Executive Committee

The 21 members of the Executive Committee are elected every four years. The president and the vice president are elected by the congress delegates. The other 19 members are elected directly by the members in a nation-wide election. The Executive Committee is in charge of the operation of the DLF according to the guidelines laid down by the articles of the DLF and the decisions made at the congress.


The secretariat assists the president in carrying out the daily tasks. Furthermore, the secretariat offers services to members and districts in the form of advisory and consultancy services. The secretariat, located in the centre of Copenhagen, employs some 120 staff officers.

Representation in Brussels

The Danish Union of Teachers is represented in Brussels by the DLI (Danske Lærerorganisationer International, Danish Teacher Trade Unions) in co-operation with other Danish teacher unions regarding matters in the field of education. The objective of the representation in Brussels is mainly to be held informed of EU activities, to coordinate the teacher organisations' activities and to ensure influence on the debate and the decisions at EU level.